About The ArtistsĀ 

Life is Mysterious is thrilled to be working with a group of artist friends here on the website. This talented group of creatives collaborate with ER Price to craft enjoyable illustrations that complement the stories.

Long time fans of the Life is Mysterious newspaper column are sure the enjoy these new illustrations as they visit with their favorite stories from years’ past.

Without any further ado, let’s meet the artists…

Headshot portrait of artist Amy Saxonmeyer with a big grin

Amy Saxonmeyer

Amy Saxonmeyer refers to herself as a contemporary folk artist. Her works feature bright vibrant colors and splashes of imaginative whimsy.

Most of her landscape pieces include touches of magic and fantasy. Being a performing jazz vocalist and percussionist, Saxonmeyer specializes in music-themed paintings as well.

See Amy’s painting that originally inspired the logo for Life is Mysterious.


Cartoonish self portrait of artist Parker Bunch with glasses and  a checkered shirt over a tshirt with robot art

Parker Bunch

Parker Bunch has been pursuing his dream of becoming an animator since he was 10 years old. Since then he has developed an abstract/cartoonish style, and has learned how much can be said with so little.

Be it a single illustration, or a multitude of animation frames, it all comes down to communicating an idea to your audience.

Closeup photo of woman holding a handmade mug by Luba Sharapan of DarnPottery.com

Luba Sharpan

Luba Sharapan is an illustrator and potter. She helps out the elite team of hedgehogs at Darn Pottery doing all the things that require opposable thumbs and typing skills.

She and her hedgehog friends produce handmade pottery with charming, vintagey illustrations. And yes, that is indeed a hedgehog wearing a steampunk jetpack.

You can visit with Luba and the hedgehogs at DarnPottery.com.

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