Gas is possibly at an all time high and it is all the buzz.  Conversations can be heard everywhere you go and all over social media.  Some people are more vocal about their anger over gas prices while others quietly go about their day trying not to think about it.  Whether you are loud or not I think we can all agree that no one is happy about the price of gas.

Let’s face it, we are coming off of a hard two years where we had to restrict a lot of the normal things we did for concerns over Covid.  

Remembering When…

I remember two years ago when the pandemic first hit, sulking in my bedroom on my 55th birthday.  I was feeling sorry for myself because we literally could not go anywhere or do anything.  Usually, I try to ignore the day of my birth and even took the date off my social media accounts because I did not want people to feel obligated to wish me a happy birthday, but now all of a sudden I am upset at the lack of birthday options I have.  

Anyway, it is now two years into the Covid crisis and we are all ready to have a little more fun. Except now we are hit with high gas prices, which in turn will raise the cost of goods and services. Let’s face it. This is not how we envisioned coming out of a pandemic. It is natural to ask yourself if things will ever go back to normal.

We go to work everyday and we all try to live our lives the best way we can.  Sometimes we even get to have a little fun.  I know my husband John and I have enjoyed a few nights of entertainment at our local theater.  Music has always been a big boost to our spirits and comedy shows always lighten the mood.  Luckily for us we have gone to a few of each in the last few weeks. 

Yet, even with a lighter mood and lifted spirits, the urge to complain about gas, inflation, the pandemic, and politics creeps up on us.

Sometimes, I think we all need a cold pal of water to smack us in the face and wake us up.  

Face Meet Water…

Recently, there was a traveling theater group that came to our town to entertain us.  Not all of the people in the group were American.  In fact, I not sure if any of them were American. All I know is that two of them were from Poland and this is a story about them.  

They came, they put on one heck of a show and they packed their things and headed to the next American city.  They were off to brighten more lives in towns and cities for which they have no relatives.  Doing this as their spouses, children, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents are all far away in a city in Poland.  

Here is where the story gets crazy.

While they were here entertaining us trying to make a living for their family back home, their families in Poland have been rescuing Ukrainian people from a brutal war. A war that has besieged their country.  

I cannot imagine how hard it must be to travel thousands of miles away from my loved ones to make a living. But to be gone while my loved ones are possibly putting themselves in harms way is unimaginable.  

They are here entertaining us and their families are saving the lives of strangers. Talk about a tale of two cities.  

They took everything with them from their theater show and when they left. I was drenched with the ice cold water in the face that I needed to wake myself up.  

We might think the cost of living here is high, but what is the true cost of living? Life is mysterious.

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