Michael Lombardo has a story to tell, a testimony of his faith. The Christian Broadcast Network sets out to share his story with the world.

Enter my sixteen year-old nephew, Alex, who has recently become an actor. Landing his first roll in a movie about eight months ago and a few television commercials along the way, Alex is hooked. He actually got his start a few years ago when he signed up for a small Christian show called Superbook, which he still does.

Like I already stated, my talented, good-looking nephew is an actor and therefore he tries out for almost any roll his agent sends him on. I am proud to say he gets his fair share of them. His latest role is that of a young Michael Lombardo in a re-enactment for a short television testimonial spot for CBN.

As usual, when Alex finishes a project my brother, Sal, calls and shares it with us. This time he sent a link to the video with a message that said, ‘Feel free to share it on Facebook if you want.’ Well, of course I wanted to share it! I am a very proud aunt, after all!

Within minutes, I post the video of my nephew playing Michael as a teen to Facebook and wait to see if anyone watches it.

Before I share what happened next I need to digress for a moment.
Enter Abel, a youth pastor at Holston Home and someone I had the pleasure of going on a mission trip with two years ago. Abel speaks with an endearing accent from his native country of Brazil. He is always filled with joy and has some of the best stories.

While on the mission trip I noticed that a lot of the people he introduced me to and a lot of his stories revolved around Mozambique, Africa. It became a big joke, and I started to say, “All roads lead to Mozambique.” But seriously. Almost everyone we encountered knew Abel from his Missionary training there and Abel lit up when he talked about it.

Abel with young girl in Mozambique preparing food.
Abel and young girl in Mozambique

Time has passed, but he and I still joke about all roads lead to… Because quite literally, when Abel is involved, all roads do lead to Mozambique.

Here is where it gets crazy

A day after I post the video of my nephew, I see a comment posted underneath it from Abel. It says, “Funny thing Ella. I’m friends with Michael Lombardo. We were together in Mozambique.” To which I reply, you guessed it, “All roads lead to Mozambique.” Honestly, I had never heard of this place until I met Abel and now it seems that everything and everybody I am meeting has a connection to this place.

Who would have ever guessed that two years ago on the mission trip our inside joke about a place in Africa would actually have a connection to me. What are the odds that my nephew would play the younger version of Abel’s friend in a reenactment for television?

I really don’t think that all roads lead to Mozambique, but I do believe that all roads lead to one another. Somehow we are all connected.

It is not always easy and I struggle with it just as much as anyone else, but, we must love one another and be kind to one another because all roads will lead us back to…
Life is Mysterious.

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